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When you go with our top-rated fence company in Lubbock, Texas, you will have so many options to chose from! Pro Built Lubbock Fence Co. wants to give you the perfect fence that fits your style for your home or business. We are the fence company that you want to go with when you decide to do a fence installation in Lubbock, Texas because we understand the importance of making sure we follow all of the laws of fence installation. We also make sure that we pay attention to important details such as monitoring where we dig, marking our starting and ending points, and making sure that we have all of the materials we need in order to get the job done and get it done right! The reason why we are one of the best fence companies in Lubbock, Texas is that we understand that it takes more than having five-star materials and an expert fence installation process in Lubbock, Texas. It also matters if we care and pay attention to what you want, as you are our valued customer! We want to make sure that you have the fence that you want and that it is perfect for your home or business. We are not looking too just be any old’ fence installation company, we want to be the best. That is why we will always work so hard and care so much!

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Best Chain Link Fence Repair in Lubbock County

Chain Link Fence Installation in Lubbock County

When you want a fence that is inexpensive but will still provide the security you need for your commercial property, we recommend getting a chain link fence installation in Lubbock, Texas. Our fencing contractors will make sure that they check all of the local building laws and regulations to assure that you do not run into any trouble with the law! They will also make sure the fence stays within your property boundaries and map out all of the underground utility lines that you have on your property. After all, this is done, our top-rated paving contractors in Lubbock, Texas can come and give you an excellent chain link fence installation service! The types of chain link fences you can have are numerous! You can have it super tall, or just short enough to fit the dog! You can have it stretch all the way around a large area of land or simply surround your home. The holes can be big enough for a foot to fit through, or small enough that a ping pong ball gets stuck. The choices are really up to you! The only thing we ask is for you to let our fence company in Lubbock Texas come and install it for you!

Unique Fence Styles for Commercial use in Lubbock

When getting a wood fence installation in Lubbock, Texas, or any type of fence installation, you want to make sure you go with a professional fence company. However, just because a company says they are professionals, that does not necessarily mean that they are. Take for instance this story about a guy who got his wood fence installed by a ‘professional’ fence company that did not follow the HOA laws and installed a fence that was six feet when the homes in that area were only allowed five feet. The man was taping his fence and it was giving like if you were to tap a piece of paper. The fence had gaps big enough for large rats to fit through, and it was all done in one day. Now, that ‘professional’ fencing company got paid and is on their way to ruin somebody else’s yard, do not be that person, please. When you want to get a wood fence installation in Lubbock, Texas, go with us. We promise, we actually are a professional fence company.

Residential Wood Fence Styles in Lubbock, Texas.
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Custom PVC Fence Installations and Fence Repair in Lubbock

When you are thinking of simple and affordable fencing, it does not get any better than PVC! PVC is essentially plastic, so it can be formed into whatever shape you like! You can even have a PVC fence in the shape of a picket fence! PVC can also be different colors to match the style of your home or business. Not to mention, it does not rust or rot considering… well, considering its plastic. It is also very easy to clean! A sponge and some soap are all you need. Also, did I tell you that it is pretty fire resistant as well? In case of fire, your PVC will be a-ok… sort of. You should definitely call someone to come and repair it in case something like that does happen; and by someone, we mean the fire department to put out the fire, and us to fix the fence. PVC is honestly my favorite option and I think for your home or business, PVC fence installation in Lubbock, Texas is the way to go.

Iron Fence Installation in Lubbock, Texas

An iron fence installation in Lubbock, Texas is a great idea for any home or business that wants to make a statement but also keep there property safe. Iron fences are not easy to climb and they certainly are not easy to slip through, so your home or business will be pretty protected. Plus, iron fences just look really cool! They are so stylish no matter if you decide to get a regular iron fence or an ornamental one! Rust is unavoidable when it comes to your iron fence and it is quite expensive, but honestly. it is worth it. Besides, our paving contractors in Lubbock will pop by and take care of all the repairs for you, all you have to do is give us a call.

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Aluminum Fence Installation in Lubbock, Texas

Aluminum Fence Installation in Lubbock, Texas

Aluminum is definitely my second favorite to PVC because when you get an aluminum fence installation in Lubbock, Texas, you are getting an iron fence for half the price and half the work! You won’t have to worry about the rust because it is aluminum! Look outside your window and tell me who has the iron fence and who has the aluminum fence? Oh, you can’t tell, huh? That’s okay, neither can I. Why not let our top-rated paving company in Lubbock, Texas come and install one for you!